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Linux Training Philippines

Written by: Gregorio Balboa | 07 Mar, 2011

One of the most widely used network operating system in the World Wide Web or Internet is the Linux Operating System because of its security and affordability Its on open source system which means you can use it for free without having to pay for licenses.

Most Internet Service providers are using Linux System to run their high end servers. That's why the demand for Linux certified are high. ISPs prefer linux professionals who are certified by premiere certification providers such as RedHat, LPIC and COMPTIA.

To become Linux certified expert you need to find Linux training centers that offer hands ON training in Administering and Configuring a Linux Network. There are lots of Linux Training Centers here in the Philippines. You just have to choose which one is the best.

You might think that Linux is hard to learn operating system well think again because its not. Linux is just like any other network operating system in the market. they do the same thing to build and manage a network of computers to share bunch of information with each other.

Start your quest to become Linux certified by familiarizing yourself with the basics. Before you decide to enroll for a Linux training » Continue.. |

Full hard drives Wiping in Ubuntu Linux

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 13 Apr, 2011

The full wiping of your whole hard drive is the answer if you are giving your old hard drive to your friend, colleague or relative. Take note that the process of shredding may be reversible using system files that are modern, while on hard drives you can invoke shred.

At this point all your hard drive’s data can be deleted securely by using a program called wipe. By default, Ubuntu Linux doesn’t include wipe which is included in the Universe repository not like shred which is already customized within the program, so you have to install wipe first. On the screen’s top-left portion, the System menu should be clicked for you to open the Synaptic Package Manager; then click the Synaptic Package Manager after seeing the folder of Administration expands. For you to enable wipe, on the window of the Synaptic Package Manager, you may click on Settings then Repositories. You may click on Close after checking the checkbox next to the caption that says “Community-maintained Open Source software (universe)”.

The list of the Synaptic’s package should be reloaded and for you to do this, on the main window of Synaptic Package Manager the button for Reload should be clicked. As soon as the reloading process of the package list is done, the change you’ll see is on the new search field text over that says “Rebuilding research index”. On the search field you may type the word wipe as you read the caption Quick search. You can see other packages that are doing similar functions when you see the wipe package appear. The “Mark for Installation” should be selected after the checkbox to the left of the wipe label is clicked. For you to start the installation process, on the popup of the Summary window, the button for Apply should » Continue.. |

Hard Drive Wiping Using Ubuntu Linux Live Compact Disc

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 13 Apr, 2011

If you ever wanted to fully wipe your hard drive when you are about to sell or give your personal computer to your friend or colleague, then you should read this article for you to know the techniques designed to completely wipe your private data or files from your personal computer.

As you all know when you delete files from your personal computer that you have completely ruined the stored data on the hard drive of your system, whether you are using operating systems such as Ubuntu Linux, Windows, or any other similar programs.

However, that’s not the case in the first place. Take note that the operating system you are using doesn’t have features to overwrite the data you have deleted, even though you have actually overwritten the file that makes it not recoverable. But the truth is, your hard drive still has the data and only the right kind of software will make it possible to retrieve it. For completely deleting your stored files, you have to be sure that your entire hard drive and even the hidden files are all wiped out.

Now for shredding files individually, note that on your hard drive your stored data is not going to bring any harm on your system and will not expose your private information. You can use the utility specially designed for Ubuntu Linux called Shred to make it easy for you to dispose or destroy files that you don’t like to share to anyone else.

At the screen’s top-left portion, the Applications menu should be clicked for a terminal window to be opened and then as you see the Accessories menu expanded, the Terminal should be clicked.

You can use cd for navigating the file that you intend to delete for directory changing, and in the current directory if you » Continue.. |

Macbuntu: Macintosh Operating System X Format Applied to Ubuntu Linux

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 05 Apr, 2011

In the previous articles you’ve read, maybe it’s not new to your knowledge that you can transform to look like Windows 7 your Ubuntu Linux installation which is customized. On this article you will be learning to transform the aura of your Ubuntu Linux into Macintosh Operating System X-like features. For it to be done, we are going to use a designated program that is open-source for the transformation of Linux appearance into the environment which looks like Macintosh Operating System X, this is called Macbuntu that is primarily intended for Ubuntu Linux Operating System as well as other GTK/Debian based operating systems.

Now, for Macbuntu installation you can download a copy from its source link that can be search on the net and as soon as it is done, you may press Extract after the file is right-clicked. You may open the folder that is extracted when extraction is done and from that point you can find file name which is the script for installing the program. You may choose Run in Terminal after double-clicking the installation script.

You may hit return key after pressing y as you see the popup of a terminal window. From there, you need to answer few questions that mark the start of the installation after all the process is done. Now, to choose the default choice you may just hit enter without using any letter if for any reason you have an idea of what to do or you may choose the answer you like to put in. You may select Yes when you are asked if you need some packages be downloaded online during the installation process.

s you finish the installation, you will be prompted to download the themes of Mac operating system for Google Chrome, FIreFox, and Thunderbird. You may also » Continue.. |

Linux Ubuntu Additional Language for Keyboard Input

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 05 Apr, 2011

This article will introduce the way on how the settings of Linux Ubuntu keyboard can make it easier for you to make it function the way you think it should be. It doesn’t matter if you only need to enter a less-frequently used character from another layout of the keyboard. With our discussion, you can recall the layout of the other keyboard if it is not printed since the layout of the keyboard can be printed and viewed.

If you ever wanted to use Linux Ubuntu for typing different languages you will be taught on how you can use Linux Ubuntu’s various layouts of the keyboard switching and adding the easier way.

• Languages switching

On the top right corner of the screen in your system tray, a new icon can be noticed as you install various input languages, the selected name of language and or the country abbreviation will be displayed as the language is changed when the icon is clicked. The current layout should be shown or the dialog of the Keyboard Preferences should be opened as available languages dialog is right-clicked. When you set the layout of the keyboard, a window with preview of the keyboard can be viewed after Show Current Layout is selected. Now if you like, you can instantly recall a layout by printing the preview of the layout.

• Languages switching through shortcuts of the keyboard changing

By pressing together the Alt keys from both sides of the keyboard, the input languages can be switched by default. In Ubuntu Linux like in Windows, the input languages can also be switched as you use the combination of Alt+Switch by default. You may click Options after the Layout tab is selected as the dialog for the keyboard preferences is opened. The Alt+Shift should be selected as the plus symbol » Continue.. |

The Use of Linux Ubuntu PC to Access Home Server for Windows

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 05 Apr, 2011

Let’s admit it that there comes a time that you need to access the home server of Windows on your network using a Linux Ubuntu personal computer, right? Now, we are going to discuss on how to use Linux Ubuntu PC to access files on your Windows home server.

To begin with, the Network should be selected after clicking on Places for accessing files on your Windows home server from Ubuntu Linux and from that point on the folder of your Network and other machines of Windows should appear as listed on your home server and for you to access it the server needs to be double-clicked. On the other hand if you cannot find the list of your server, the Workgroup or Network for Windows are the places where you can find it.

Like when you use a Windows personal computer, Linux Ubuntu system will prompt you to enter the Windows Home Server right credentials. You may click on Connect after selection is made as it is your own prerogative to choose to recall or not your preferred password. On your Windows home server, you should be able to view the folders that are available. For you to have the general access, you need to use the credentials of an Administrator to sign in. You should see on the server the documents intended for Microsoft Office as you double-click on the folder and share the content you want to access from or just do folder viewing of several folders for music under Moving Picture Experts Group Layer-3 Audio files or MP3 in which you can play using Ubuntu Linux.

There should be an application for Linux to do file type handling where the server can be used to directly access the file. In OpenOffice, you can also open a document under » Continue.. |

Widget-less Viewing Of Android Phones Battery Level

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 05 Apr, 2011

For you to show on your screen all means of information, you can install large widgets collection that is one of Android phones’ great features. On the other hand, you can just wonder what will it be if a widget is absent or not used. In this article, you will learn how exact level of the battery will be viewed minus the widget that eats up your memory so you have to get rid of it, correct? For prolonging the battery life of your Android phone, it is the best thing to put the widgets away because it only consumes a lot of your computer memory and it also requires more cycles of the Central Processing Unit.

You may browse down the Status of your phone as you open the application of the Settings for checking the levels of the battery with the software that is built-in. On the small icon, sometimes it is hard to determine your battery life concisely.

For you to save a bit of your time, you can create direct shortcut on the status page of your battery if you are using the replacement home screen of the free and the best Launcher Pro. You may select Activities after Shortcuts as you long press on the desktop. You may want to have the Status around and a smaller text under it is upon expansion of Settings as you chose it for showing other items group. For just a press of the button, you can have the status page of the battery as soon as OK is clicked when you come across the icon and the name is prompted.

As the application is launched and in the background there’s nothing that runs, the status is shown while the application status of other free battery is doing nothing if » Continue.. |

Linux Home Server Back Up Options – Secure Shell, FSTAB, Backup Programs & Website Files

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 02 Apr, 2011

For you to back up the files of Secure Shell configuration located at /etc/ssh/sshd_config and /etc/ssh/ssh_config your personal computer should be accessed remotely.

The table of Linux file system is the job of /etc/fstab that is the file in question. Your old installation’s fstab file cannot be used on your new installation so you need to be very careful. If your partition is reformatted the Universal Unique Identifier will change. You need not to spend a lot of time viewing up the entire options available but the other lines of old fstab file should be copied and this will be useful indeed if you have different partition for home, shares that are auto-mounted, and got many partitions. First, you need to be sure to do backup manually because both K Desktop Environment mount manager and Gnome PyStorage Device Manager can provide process for Graphic User Interface for fstab file editing. Remember that it is safest to learn about fstab and manually edit it which is the usual thing from majority of online accounts.

You may need to grab the files for configuration of the server settings to perform backups automatically using tools such as Simple Backup or Rsync. The location /etc/sbackup.conf is for Simple Backup while /etc/rsyncd.conf is the location for the configuration of Rsync.

On the other hand, for running personal websites, most individuals have installed on their home servers such as PHP, MySQL, or Apache. For backing up purposes their configuration files will be a bit complicated so you must not forget to do it where it is located in /var/www for your own website. If you need to reinstall PHP, MySQL, and Apache, it is better that you reconfigure them first because there are changes on its versions and if you want a new password be used. The commands » Continue.. |

Home Server Of Linux Back Up Options – Home and Apt

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 01 Apr, 2011

Perhaps you are upgrading your operating system very often if you have Linux-powered home server. We are going to discuss alternative utilities and files that are important to assist you to run the program faster and help you along the way. This article will serve as a fundamental guide to help the reader understand the basics and the entire process depending on the status of your home server.

For users on your system there is a folder intended for /home. All your favorite documents, movies, music, and photos is going to be included in your home personal directory not unless there is another partition intended for them, and this also act as configuration house for other programs of your choice. For you to unleash and expose all your hidden files in your folders you can just hit Ctrl H and then whatever is important for you, backing it up is a must. Although you have a different partition for /home, the directory should be backed up because some files for configuration may be overwritten as reinstallation takes place and for all users you may repeat the process.

You can find at “/etc/apt/sources.list” the software sources list use by apt and in the directory for /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ there are the keys for the signed gpg. Other than defaults, most likely, from other repositories the software installation can be done. The marker for the final distro to the one that is newer must be changed after reinstallation process is done and to the list of your new sources the lines should be copied, and before you can use them, you need to download the key of a new gpg. This may serve as reminder what the old setting was made of. The other best option to backup and settings of load changing is likewise the » Continue.. |

Connecting Techniques On Windows Shared Folders The Linux Way

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 15 Mar, 2011

In our daily online activities, most of the time we are not aware that we do file server connection. Without using a separate program, it will be easier to do ftp or samba connection in Linux operating system. On this article we are going to discuss techniques how you can do terminal-less remote file server connection.

When you like to use shortcuts of the keyboard for server connection, the window for the run application should be opened using the shortcut Alt then F2 from the keyboard. At the beginning of the command, you may add the protocol to specify the type of your server. You may choose the time duration for storing your password after filling-out the next popup window intended for connection purposes. You should have desktop shortcut and shortcut on the left side portion as you connect to an automatically opened window.

On the other hand, from your top menu bar you will have places menu if you are using distributions based on gnomes and Ubuntu Linux. You may click connect to server after opening the menu. You can choose the type of the server you want to connect to upon opening of a new window with a drop down menu. You may also choose Windows share and fill-out information required for a server with samba/cifs. Otherwise, from the menu of Nautilus file, you can connect to server window if you want to.

Now, you may click add to panel after right-clicking the menu where you like to add the shortcut if you are looking to have an instant access to the connect server window from the gnome menu bar. One of the results should be to connect to server after finding for the word – connect from the popup window. At the bottom of the window you may click add » Continue.. |

Adding Windows Font To Ubuntu Linux

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 14 Mar, 2011

If you are using a personal computer with Ubuntu Linux operating system and you need to have Windows font like Arial, you need to add that font to your Linux PC system.

As we all know, Websites and documents particularly using Windows fonts such as Arial and Calibri, most especially, Times New Roman font is one of the requirements needed to write and edit important files and documents as well as legal documents, articles, and Web logs.

There are also other usable fonts that can be added and included on your Ubuntu personal computer that will take as easy as 1-2-3 and it is free of charge.

You can now use the software center for downloading the primary used fonts such Arial and other widely used fonts by choosing the Software Center of Ubuntu Linux after opening your Applications menu.

You may enter ttf-mscorefonts in the search box, then directly in the results of the search field on the Installer for Microsoft TrueType core fonts section, you may click on Install. You may click on Authenticate as the requested personal password is entered. Depending on the speed of your Web connection that takes a span of several minutes, downloading and installation of fonts will take place automatically. For you to try the new fonts out, the OpenOffice can be launched as soon as you completed the installation. You will see that your needed fonts like Arial, Calibri, and the most important one, Times New Roman is added, likewise those fonts that are rarely used will also be included. You will notice that the OpenOffice’s font as default is Liberation Serif in Ubuntu Linux; but the default font will be changed to Times New Roman as you install the font pack.

There are lots of fonts available for free in the Software Center of » Continue.. |

Symbolic Links For Linux

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 14 Mar, 2011

You don’t have to maintain duplicate copies of files and folders if you want to have an access easily from different folders because for you to link anything in Windows operating systems from XP higher and Ubuntu Linux, you can now use Symbolic Links or also known as Sym-links that is shortcuts in advance. Your folders and files will appear like they are stored in folder with Sym-links although it only pertains to their exact place because a single folder and file can now have a symbolic link.

Now, symbolic links have two kinds which are soft and hard. In hard symbolic link the folder or file appears that it really exists at the place of the symbolic link and any difference will not be obvious or recognized. The soft symbolic link functions similar to standard shortcut on the other hand because you will be redirected to the folder where the stored file is located.

You might ask the importance of Sym-links at this point. Straightforwardly, we can use symbolic links for keeping the accessibility of important files from various locations; storing on a second hard drive your videos, music, photos and you can make them appear in your standard folders of videos, music, photos to make it easy for your media programs to detect it; you can now do the settings folder moving to its location of origin for any program; you can do Dropbox folder synchronization; and many other functions.

On the other hand, if you like to do moving of files to another folder or drive and link them symbolically, you may perform the right instructions sequentially for symbolic link creation on your operating system; you can move the folder or file to your new preferred location; and likewise, you can close the programs which have access to that folder » Continue.. |

Windows Can Be Used To Browse Your Linux Partition

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 14 Mar, 2011

While you are in Windows you can backup some of your important files. Now, there’s a tool called Ext2Read for using Windows to browse your Linux partition. By default, while there are tools that can read partitions such as ext3 and ext2 older versions, most distribution channels of Linux today use the partition under ext4. For reading all three versions of ext partitions, you can use Ext2Read and this is an open source when it comes to Linux.

This program, Ext2Read runs compatible with Windows 7, Vista, and down to XP SP3; then you can use the page of Ext2Read source forge to download the Ext2Read program. You may just unzip the file because there is no installation for the utility and if you like you can provide its own folder.

You can troubleshoot few of the compatibility issues of Ext2Read by going to Properties after right-clicking the exe file and then the tab for Compatibility should be clicked the last.

From the drop-down menu, you may select Windows XP service pack 3 under the Compatibility Mode. You may click OK after checking the item caption – Run this program as an administrator.

Through doing these processes, you will have the opportunity for accessing partitions that are un-mounted. For you to lunch the program, just double-click it. You need to respond Yes upon receiving the security warning from Windows and then when you’re done, the main window of Ext2Read should be visible. The ext partitions are scanned instantly by the program as well as working on Universal Serial Bus disk.

By clicking the monitor of your personal computer icon located in the top bar which is next to the penguin logo named Tux, you can do rescanning after verifying that ran the program as administrator that is if you are getting an » Continue.. |

Simple Backup Technique For Your Personal Computer Using Linux Operating System

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 13 Mar, 2011

Every personal computer user should have information backups on a regular basis whether they are using Linux, Operating System X, or Windows. But of course, on this article we are going to focus on using Simple Backup for Linux operating system on doing automated backups. Now, to be sure that you have a backup of all the files that are important, you will be instructed on the process of setting up Simple Backup.

The first thing we are going to discuss is about Simple Backup installation. You may click on the center of software after you open your menu for the installation of Simple Backup. From the results found, you may do the installation of the software after searching for the Simple Backup program.

Next thing we are going to tackle is regarding the technique on how to perform Simple Backup configuration. For a separate hard drive, you must have a backup for /var/ which is a recommended setup for Simple Backup. On the other hand, for users of desktops and notebooks this would not always be the case that is why you have to do setup change if necessary after choosing the setup for custom backup. You may add directories or files you like to backup after clicking on the include tab. Take note that even if your user doesn’t have access to any directory, the back up program is running like a root directory. You can also notice that file types or directories settings based on file size is what consists the next tab.

You may just have to do settings adjustment for your music and videos to include them in the backups if you still don’t have a backup. Generally speaking, Simple Backup is not able to do media files backup by default, and for you to » Continue.. |

Linux Training Philippines Can Boost Your Professionalism

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 10 Mar, 2011

Everybody knows that in our present time, computer technology is the primary component of business operations and personal transactions of the majority of professionals. There are several companies who are focused on Information Technology for extending their services to inform and train business people on IT world’s latest innovations. Therefore, the training for Linux operating system by Linux Training Philippines is recommendable because it provides the knowledge and skills that will be a cut above the rest.

For training courses on fundamentals of Linux operating systems, there are various facilities intended for educational and technical purposes. The technical part of Information Technology and computer networking are the essential areas covered to intensify the student’s knowledge and skills as the training progresses. Most owners of businesses and majority of companies will be longing to hire your service because you can perform the technical skills they require as soon as you are certified for Linux operating system course. Keep in mind that to enhance your credibility as professional, you have to have a formal training for a Linux course through Linux Training Philippines.

In collaboration with high-ranking companies and facilities that are engaging with Information Technology worldwide, the type of training that Linux Training Philippines can provide will suffice the need and the similar objective for the students is to gain knowledge and skills when it comes to Information Technology.

Now, to give you a heads-up, majority of professionals consider that the most essential part of their career is the credential earned upon completing and passing the examinations leading to be certified for a Linux course. When a professional is seeking to have work in relation to their field, their credential as Linux certified individual will be their passport to much better and financially gaining opportunities locally and internationally. A job-seeker’s Linux certification is » Continue.. |

Be Competitive And Sharpen Skills Through Linux Training

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 10 Mar, 2011

Now, more and more individuals are keeping an eye on professions or careers that involves Information Technology one or the other in this computer age. On the contrary, not all prospective applicants will be qualified and pass the standard of companies seeking people to match open positions when it comes to their requirements set for Information Technology. It is given that an employer of a company will not accept an applicant who have tendencies of requiring more training and that would mean more cash outflows for the company. From that point, nothing could be as worthy as being trained for Linux operating systems.

At the present time, Linux Training Philippines is looking forward to match the quality of training and practical instructions conducted by various Information Technology institutions and schools that offers courses on Linux operating systems. The Philippines is now equally competitive with other countries in Asia and the rest of the world when it comes to this kind of training.

The best part to know for aspiring students is the certification for Linux operating systems that they will earn as they completed the training and pass the examination which will surely boost their qualifications up high as they include that information on their credentials. Keep in mind that if you are certified for Linux operating systems, there will be a lot of employers who will grab the opportunity to hire someone with the kind of qualification you have for being a Linux expert. The quality software, operating system, and products are the things provided by Linux so it gained much popularity and wide acceptance. Linux Training Philippines can provide the same quality and efficiency when it comes to training people like any other training institutions in the country.

Did you know that most companies are considering the basic and advance features » Continue.. |

Commands And Techniques On PC Installation And Operation Using Linux

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 10 Mar, 2011

Compared to other systems used in businesses all over, using Linux operating system would be a little complex and the user need to give his full attention and focus to details to guarantee that the system would be effectively managed that would only be obtained from taking an important training to learn the fundamentals of the operating system under Linux.

Choosing Linux as the operating system would mean that you will have stable and powerful OS comparable to those that exist in the market. The truth of the matter is that operating systems under Linux will not be as costly as the operating systems under Windows. Like the widely used operating system, Linux OS comes with similar programs and software like those that are offered by Microsoft Corporation. You will feel the convenience and experience the benefits after you acquaint yourself using the Linux operating system.

At this point, we are now going to discuss the commands and tips that will be beneficial for users of Linux operating system.

The one that is basically and widely used is the copy of distribution for Linux operating system which is available on the Internet. There are Linux applications that are offered by various sites which mainly concerns on more than multi-media and likewise it focuses on security. You may start downloading as soon as you already have the version of your choice.

You may begin file burning into a disc that lets you have the icon which is bootable once you completed the downloading process. If for any reason you want to check on the system before doing its installation into your hard drive, the process that was mentioned would be advisable. You may use a Universal Serial Bus or a Digital Versatile Disc if you have extremely large files.

You may wait for the screen for » Continue.. |

Be Recognized And Go Up Higher With Linux Training

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 10 Mar, 2011

In our present time, there are several types of operating systems existing that companies generally use. With the circulation of Linux OS, the operating system which people are familiar with, namely, Windows OS, will be a competitive. The Philippines is now soaring up higher when it comes for a student to acquire internationally acclaimed training quality and reaps beneficial knowledge and skills which is obtained only from being formally trained for Linux operating system courses. Nowadays, companies are straightforwardly looking for people to fill-in their vacant positions, especially, those positions that relate to using computers and computer-related peripherals, to have a basic to advance knowledge and skills using an operating system in line with Linux OS. The knowledge on the aspect of software is the basis for being an adept user of computers particularly for programming, managing files, word processing, and for recruitment purposes.

For a student to learn the fundamentals of Linux operating system from the basics up to the advance level is to have a formalized training intended to study the entirety of Linux operating system. Those people who are still hoping to have a chance to learn Linux OS essentials and fundamentals but have monetary problems, they can opt to use the resources available on the Web for free from which they can do browsing anytime they like to.

Through online means of searching for free Linux tutorials, they will get to understand files management and computer file organization like creation, management, and backing up techniques if an individual desires to learn the do’s and don’ts of managing files as well as file security setting creation.

One can search a number of lessons for editing from the Web that applies to Photoshop software and GNU Image Manipulation Program in line with editing and graphic designing. If you become » Continue.. |

Linux Operating System Training and Certification

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 10 Mar, 2011

The technology of computers is the primary factor where each and every enterprise on the globe depends from. Being knowledgeable and skillful of the students regarding IT or Information Technology is essential to make a business profitable and of good standing. Now, the Philippines is also conducting a lot of trainings, just like countries abroad, to produce students who will be experts or adept with Linux operating system.

When you talk about trainings for Linux operating system in the Philippines, we are offering several classifications and levels of training depending on the knowledge and technical know-how of the aspiring student. A lot of employers will surely be agreeable with the kind of training that Linux Training Philippines can provide its students because of the acquired ability in terms of technical aspects and a better performance individually speaking that will be an efficient tool for companies to gauge who are the right people to fill-in their vacant positions in their organization. Competence when it comes to technologies and systems of Linux operating system will be obtained through a formal training that is recognized here and abroad. The training’s primary concern is to supplement the students’ versatility and effectiveness using Linux which is the same way as trainers abroad are doing for their students. So, it means that Linux Training Philippines can give each student a spot on Information Technology educational system that is recognized worldwide.

The students’ and business people’s dream of climbing the career ladder up to its peak will be realized because of the knowledge and skills that will be gained through training for Linux operating system. With what Linux Training Philippines can offer, both the job applicant and the company will have an edge over other applicants and companies because of the curriculum vi**** or resume being presented by » Continue.. |

Linux Training Be Trained For Linux NOW!

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 09 Mar, 2011

The Operating Systems available in the market today includes Apple’s Mac, Microsoft Corporation’s Windows, and the most preferred by companies is Linux among other types.

For your information, compared to Windows, the widely used and the most powerful Operating System in the world is Linux that’s why it is essential for all professionals and business persons who operate this OS is to have a formal training for Linux which is now being offered in the Philippines and internationally.

When a student completed the training for Linux Operating System, it will be a valuable edge for him or her over the rest who don’t have a formal Information Technology education. Nowadays, a lot of companies and industries are agreeable to the efficiency of Linux Operating System among other OS because of its incomparable features and budget saving price.

To give you a heads up, the Linux server software and utility, applications and operating system are the two computer software classifications in general. The students who completed the training got to be familiarized with the Operating System being operated by Linux and because of the fact that most of the existing desktops let application utilization regarding worksheets, word processing, and among other servers of different types this can be helpful.

For operators to have access on such operating system, they should have the proper training for Linux for it is preferred by businesses because they wouldn’t have to pay for high licensing fee rates for Windows.

There are several Linux and Windows server systems being used specifically for Local Area Network or technically termed as functions of the Internet in a particular scale of network.
For server running purposes, other people are using available functions on Windows because they are already familiar with it, but these also exist with the programs offered by Linux » Continue.. |

Shortcut Keys Customization for Any Apps Of LINUX

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 08 Mar, 2011

The lack of support for Auto Hot Key is one of the issues that are more disturbing using any Linux applications so there is no room for your shortcut keys to be customized. On the other hand, your can customize your shortcut keys and many other things with Auto Key open source application.

Now, there is a utility that you can use for managing text blocks, hotkeys, and abbreviations for you to save time while typing as well as use in applications for hotkeys remapping. This desktop automation tool is called Auto Key and you can use it when your favorite application used Ctrl Q for quitting and when it seems unlikely, you can do remapping with the use of this utility.

You can also use this utility if you are remapping the key combination of Ctrl T but otherwise it must be Alt T. For opening a new tab in any browser, you can use the shortcut key which is Ctrl T but the shortcut key Alt T is much easier to press without the need to move your hands from the row at the front. The Auto Key utility is made for Linux and is able to use scripts » Continue.. |

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